Why choose to work with Dr. Hultstrom? - THE ALIGN PT & WELLNESS DIFFERENCE

I am passionate about getting you back to doing what you love! I treat

  • back & neck pain

  • hip

  • knee

  • foot & ankle

  • shoulder

  • elbow

  • vertigo & headaches

If you have pain or limits with it, I can help!


As an expert manual physical therapist, I offer

Physical therapy and wellness consults and treatment. Treatment for new injury, chronic pain, and sports injury and rehabilitation. The integration of many techniques including:

    • joint mobilization

    • muscle energy technique

    • myofascial release

    • craniosacral therapy

    • dry needling

    • corrective taping

    • telehealth

    • therapeutic exercises: strengthening, stabilization, and dynamic movement

    • balance training

    • neuromusclar re-education

    • pain education

    • lymphatic drainage

    • energy balancing